They said that distance is relative to time, only they decided to ignore the depth a distance could hide and the weight a time could carry.

And what’s close to you, might actually be the one thing you chase every night in your dreams.

At a point, the word close would fail to describe the distance your heart feels, and ironically it would be all you use to hide the longing.

Close is relative; close is relative when close is distant.

And all the things you’ll never know, they hurt. more than I thought was possible..




Today I lost my battle. The battle I did not dare start fighting.

Somehow, you’ll eventually lose me.. and somehow, your eyes will win me back.. but you’ll never know, and that’s for always.



I woke up today. Again.
You’ll never understand the sense of accomplishment I feel for that.. but then again, disappointment hits me, when I find out that I didn’t wake up into another dream, and that this; this is what’s real.

I miss you so much wifey.

Dearest Stranger, Be Okay!


Dearest Stranger,

I don’t know you, but I love you, and I feel for you, with every ounce of emotion I carry between the layers of my soul.
I need you to be okay.
It’s just a car accident, things should be okay, your friends and family need you to be better. Quickly.
Don’t let the ambulance fool you that you need all that, you’re okay.
Please be okay.

I don’t want anyone else in this world to go through this. Please be okay.

I’ll pray for you. And please, when you’re better, pray for her too.

My very beloved stranger, spare the world one less heart in pain. Thank you.



Dear heart,
Today you skipped your first beat. You never did that before, for the past 19 years you were strong and static, today, everything has changed.

So dear heart, let’s hope for the best.. and what’s worth the risk, is definitely worth the pain. There might be no pain, you never know dear heart. But I know you know that, he’s our right kind of wrong.

Yours truly.



The worst thing you can ever do for love, is to deny it.. so don’t.

And the worst thing you can do to a heart is become reckless with it, you’ll be only putting up with those who were reckless with yours.



The storm will pass eventually, we’ll never fully understand why.. but we’ll remember those who shushed at the thunder when we were scared.. thank you Adham :)