Same Mistake


Don’t ever, ever overestimate where you stand in someone else’s life.

Regardless of how much they mean to you, it doesn’t mean it’s the same way for them.

This world is full of imperfections, misbalance is one of them.
Not all that you give away comes back the same.




It’s so easy to lose purpose or passion, specially when things seem like they’re happening to you and you do not have the capacity to react.

This loss of capacity gradually turns into loss of will. And eventually, you’re as helpless as it could be.

I’ve learned one thing recently. When you’re going fast, when there is so much to accomplish, you cannot afford to look back, you cannot afford to pity yourself or to mourn what you think is beyond your capacity. You define your own capacity, you should let the little things inspire you, you set and break your own record.

The universe is constantly spinning and had it lost its capacity to spin we would all fly into space.

Think of all the things that would go wrong if you let the weaker side of you define your pace and capacity. And don’t let yourself down.

Don’t look behind. You are a purposeful being since you were born. Fulfill your dreams. Grow beyond the space the world allows you.

Leave a Trace


You only go as fast as the people you follow.

You can live your whole life safely following a path, or cut out of the norm and lead a new way.

Despite the dangers and the darkness you may face; you will leave a trace behind. And the stronger and more confident your footsteps are, the deeper the print you will embark in your own journey.