The One Before Last


– When your loved ones go out of their way quite often to fit your moves- consider your steps.

– It doesn’t take talent to turn gold to dust. But it takes a hell lot of it to do the opposite.

– To preserve beauty is to never underestimate it’s value.

– I am learning to say “NO”- and it’s like hitting someone with a knife to their face.

– Passion alone will make you do the same mistake over and over again in attempt to get something you want. Passion and wit though; these will get you anywhere in life.

– In your future, I don’t want to be the part that didn’t last in your past.

– You shouldn’t wonder if the one you’re with will miss you if you’re gone. You shouldn’t.

– It’s okay to not want the same things in life. Bridges and tunnels were designated to spare you the cross-road heartache. Don’t make up reasons in fear it won’t end well. It all does.

– She didn’t know when things got rough between them because they didn’t. He just became cold. She made him.

– I miss 11 months ago.

– There are certain things in life worth living for. We have one of them.

– Nobody, ever, gets to see what they could have been.

– The sharper the edge, the cleaner the wound. The faster the cut, the quicker it heals.

– Don’t die with un-lived life in your veins.

– Speak you heart, even if it doesn’t translate to the recipient.

– Sometimes, against all odds, you turn out to be right… About everything, from the very beginning. And still, they won’t admit.

– Two years have proven to be a lot of time.

– Life without your best friend is not impossible to survive- but it’s the closest thing to a drought with seasonal rain. Never enough, but keeps you alive anyway, despite what you wish for.

– I know you looked forwards to this moment too, let’s not lose it.

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Memoirs of a Departed Soldier


An advice to you son, before you take her heart off her chest- make sure she comes first, today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life. She should be your first. Your first thought in the morning, the first one to walk into your dreams at night and the first to look for when you’re drained. She matters. In fact, 2 years away from your mother now and she’s still all that matters by the end of the day. If i die on field, it’s for her. She’s my very first.

The time that heals..


.. is the same time that kills.

After a certain point, a heart with so many stress fractures would never be anything but broken.

Don’t leave.

Sometimes it’s just beyond me to contain what’s within me… And I will not drag you into this. One of us has to stay sane.

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A little bit stronger


Happiness is a state of mind. Maybe.

I can now sing without feeling that my heart is going to break for singing without you. It doesn’t mean that I can do it all the time, the pain just grew familiar.

I know things will never be the same, some things are going to get way better, some others are meant to fail.

I am done hoping. Now I know, if I want something real bad, the only two things I have to do is pray I can keep it and not let myself stand in the way.

The world seemed depopulated at a point in time, now it seems half-depopulated. It’s better. I am a people’s person.

I didn’t let you build me up so high, for my heart can’t take the fall, but now I want to take your hand and go up a little bit.

I now have a greater fear. I now have something to cherish. Something and someone to hold on to.

Where we love is home..


Today you said that the best feeling in the world was knowing that there is someone waiting for you to come back.

I disagree.

The best feeling in the world is waiting for someone to come back; and knowing that they’re coming back to you, for you – You, above anyone or anything else.

I counted every hour.