My Biggest Wish


Two years and a month.

Not losing count is scary.

The last thought before it has happened grinds my heart into little pieces, yet the pain has become quite familiar, it doesn’t feel heavy inside my chest anymore.

You have a gift of bringing joy along with you wherever you go, and leaving warmth behind every time you leave. Warmth that still defines my path and puts me to ease at a lot of times.

I’m holding on to a hope that has turned into a belief. Two years and a month later, and I know this state of penguins and sunshine will end.

The waves are still constant.

These emotions are so simple they can’t be explained in any form that’s not sophisticated.

My biggest wish will come in a moment- and it will be marked forever as one of the happiest.

Hurry up, I need a new “biggest wish” :)

Things fall into place at the weirdest and strangest of times. Every day brings something new; a mere relevation that once seemed so distant is now so very vivid.

Hurry home!

I miss you…




“Punishment is not prevention. History offers cold comfort to those who think grievance and despair can be subdued by force.” – Robert F. Kennedy

We must learn to question history.

The rate at which it’s repeating itself is scary.

We’ve all come from the same place; and we all have something in common- we’ve seen society, and we don’t like it.

Opinions should no longer be measured, they should be molded. We create the stastics. We are the society we hate.