Good morning Cairo,

One thing that always makes me happy is that I don’t have draft posts. I publish everything I write.
Well, that was the case until last week; draft posts just started to pile up.

And it’s not that I’m shy or that I have anything to hide. If you’re a constant reader of my blog you’d understand that I have my feelings on the line all the time, that I lay just about everything out. But I don’t know what got to me recently, it’s like I’m scared. I’m scared that I would be judged, that I would be misunderstood. But to hell with that too, I did not use to care, writing is all about interpretations after all.
I am extremely uncomfortable with the amount of unpublished posts I have right now, I am not used to this. I want to share so badly, but I don’t know how to. It’s like I lost the ability.

But on second thought, I just kind of did. I need the strength to just let my own outside again. I need energy.

I guess I’m just tired. Very tired.

Have a wonderful day everyone, don’t stop shining :)


Boredom: GO DIE!


For boredom speaks the language of time, and it is to teach you the most valuable lesson of your life – the lesson of your utter insignificance. –Joseph Brodsky

Physiology is over. FOREVER. and EVER. Inshaa Allah.
I can’t believe physiology is over. Thank you God for letting this pass. THANK YOU.

I am so bored. I could play “kill” for fun now. The thought stopped being disturbing.

The guy who looks like Ismail El-kharbotly just asked me if I have a USB Flash. Actually, I think Ismail is cuter on many levels. Ismail handles his hair better, and has better facial hair.

Why would someone who studies at a supposedly prestigious university keep saying “Ge-rob” instead of “Group” and “Lekshar” instead of “Lecture”. And why does she have to be sitting next to me? Why do they insist to annoy me the minute I walk through the gates when I come here? WHY?

A freshman just walked into the computer lab, he is setting up his course schedule. Let me describe him in one word; he is a FRESHMAN!
Tight white Lacoste t-shirt, the most uncomfortable skinny EVER made, ugly brown shoes that don’t go with his pants -if i might call them so- and last but not least, sunglasses with the Police logo in DIAMOND. Yes, he’s wearing shades indoors. Shades with diamonds. (la2 ragel yala)

Two annoying barbie girls are sitting on my left. I am bored as you can see (I thank you with everything that I could ever be if you’re still reading), so I am going to type down a part of their conversation:
annoying #1: You’ve lost SO much weight. O-M-G. Why haven’t you told me? OR are you scared I’d be jealous?
annoying #2: *fake laugh* oh no, not at all. There just hadn’t been a chance to tell you.
annoying #1: Oh really, because we’ve been spending the past two weeks not talking on the phone all day or anything..
annoying #2: by the way, I really like your nail polish (it’s horrid and she’s lying)
annoying #1: I got it when I was in Paris. Paris, I miss Paris. (Allah yer7am 5altek)
annoying #2: Have you heard, *sqeeking* THE NEW CHANEL LEATHER COLLECTION IS OUT!
A part of me dies on the inside, and I decide to ramble about another boring topic.

 Okay, so they say that the cure for boredom is curiousity. THERE IS NO CURE FOR CURIOUSITY. Not when you are done with your exam at 10.45 and waiting for the meeting to start at 2.30.

 And no, I’m not finding the beauty in anything now. I am sleep/coffee/food-deprived. I said I would play KILL for fun. Don’t ask me to look at the girl who’s so in love with her boyfriend sitting in front of me (I am single, hormonal and the word “dating” gets on my nerves now), or consider the fact that everyone who walks in is technically smiling. Okay, I know. I know that the world is full of amazing things worthy of smiling. And I know that instead of ranting here, I should be working on my secretariat plan, because I do really want to get accepted, I won’t have it any other way. And now I am sure that when Abdelrahman Yousry reads this, he’ll laugh to himself and scream at me for not working on my plan. Well, boudi, I’ve read the “about” page in the UN High commissioner for Refugees website. Sounds like fun, people dying because they are displaced by force out of their countries and are not provided with clean water or food. CHILDREN ARE DYING. God, that’s SO like my thing =/
This is going to be tough, I am going to do well. I am going to get accepted. Nesma, breathe, it will be okay. Boudi didn’t start screaming yet!

They hit it at the heart when they said that boredom could kill. I am killing you now. I am sorry for causing everyone who will read this post severe chest pain. But I can’t help it. I AM LONELY. And my stupid cellphone’s battery is almost dead. I won’t be home before 5 and I have to keep the last bit of it alive in case of emergencies. You know how you should always be prepared for the worst and stuff like that. Yeah.

I was brushing my teeth this morning when it hit me, again, I am a year away from turning TWENTY. The old ugly big fat TWENTY. I had quite a hard time accepting it when I turned 18. I can’t imagine the day I turn 20. People, don’t leave me by myself that day. I will be HIGHLY dangerous. On everyone.

45 minutes left to the meeting, I could either keep on torturing you with my very desperate and miserable ranting or I could free you.
Einy-meeny-miney-mo… okay, you’re still my slaves. haha.

I am supposed to become a pharmacist, but I won’t. I plan to write books instead, but I might very well not do that too. “African Hope” is starting to become part of reality, many many thanks go to Laila Askar for the help. I want “African Hope” to grow, it’s my new baby. I am so excited, I fail to see all the hard work awaiting me!
“African Hope” is going to be the word-of-town soon folks. Stay tuned ;)

Adham Adham Adham, why couldn’t we have the meeting half an hour early? Because I didn’t ask, now I’m just being plain stupid. And when you arrive, you’ll be my victim. I’m sorry. You love me *flips eye lashes rapidly*

Could I be more miserable? YES!

Peasants, I’m freeing you. It’s time to go. I’ll go annoy someone in person. I want to annoy someone and watch their facial expressions build up with frustration. That would be so terribly entertaining at this point. I’m sick. God.

Oh Oh, if boredom was a person… hmm, let’s just say he’d be in so much pain right now. so much pain.

That was, Nesma Nafea, ranting from the computer lab, B4.201.
You all forgive me!
Have a very nice day.

And do something good to someone. Make someone smile. GO!