A single moment of true strong heartfelt joy is strong enough to suppress a lifetime of sadness.

Thank you for giving me this kind of joy today. I couldn’t be more proud :)





I miss most the moments where I had something to say, but didn’t.

Funny how the way to end my silence was by staying silent in the first place, all it took me was some time. Time to understand. Time to accept. Time for things that once mattered to become wrapped in doubts. And time for the dust to come off the things that should have been important long ago. Time for things to just fall into place.


P.S: Only seek the truth if you can afford it.



We’re almost already there. InshAllah :)

How could life ever be without you? EVER?

I love that the one thing that brought us together –that would be AIESEC GUC– is not the only thing that will keep us going beyond forever.

I am lost for words. It’s just so overwhelming to imagine the possibility of it getting even better. We’re going for this. We’ll be more than fine. We’re together. We’re stronger. In our hearts, we’re there :)

I love you sister TL ♥



I dreamt about you the entire night.

I could gladly not take you to bed with me anymore, but my last thoughts at night are about you, of you.

How I wish you would leave that nest you weaved at the back of my head.
I don’t want to miss you anymore.

Seems like all I blow away are wrinkled dandelions..



Today my very beloved Autumn brought another day of Winter into my life, a cool-wind soft-sun day.

Today, Julie’s name and mine were published in the Gives Me Hope book, couldn’t be happier.

Today, Rana got married to the love of her life. She waited, or better yet, he gently just happened to come along.

Today, I missed you when you did not show up. I didn’t know it would mean this much to me.

Today, I’ve been told by more than one person that I am an inspiration. I’m lost for words with a responsibility that’s more of an honour.

Today, I tucked you into bed and I thought you were in deep sleep, you held my hand and murmured that you love me. You are five years old, but you never fail to surprise me with your innocent and selfless love.

Today, the girl in the movie I watched was the closest thing to a train wreck always waiting to happen, she finally crashed in order to give herself a chance at a fresh start.

Today, I saw a guy speaking of his insecurities out loud, I am still confused whether I should be impressed, pitiful or disgusted.

Today, I went out with Nadine (my best friend) and I saw her in a state she’s never been like before. She thinks she was hyper and energized. I think she was happy. She was/is beautiful. She was real.

Today a lot of things happened, a lot of good things.. of course I still stumbled across a few rough moments along the day, but I happened to experience things that you’ve missed out on, and so did I when it comes to you, and so did everyone.
So take a moment here, instead of thinking about all that you’re missing out on, consider what you have that everyone else is missing. You’re special. You’re unique. And you’re definitely beautiful. Don’t let fears of what could be ruin that. After all, what could be is a million times better than what will never happen because you never had the courage to think about.

Delightful Imperfection


I never said it’s a perfect world, I just talk of it’s beauty.
And beauty captured in the flaws is in deed beauty at it’s best.

I never said it’s a perfect world, I, just like you had my very grey winters.
But winter will always be grey if we do not make some warm memories.

I never said it’s a perfect world, we’ve all experienced loss.
It’s seeing the gain in the loss that makes it all better.

I never said it’s a perfect world, for those who claim I see it this way.
I was gifted by the ability to embrace the good days.. but I crack too.

I never said it’s a perfect world, day by day, everything seems the same.
Not so long after, we encounter change.

I never said it’s a perfect world, yet I hear laughter and kind words.
It gives me hope for the possibilities of all that we could be.

I never said it’s a perfect world; some hearts get broken.
Yet, someday at a time, you were loved, truly and madly. Nothing would change that moment, because that’s how love is, everything changes, yet a loving moment remains in history untouched, ever the same.

I never said it’s a perfect world, and if I did, I lied.
But life comes one day at a time, you can make it out with a smile :)

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Photographer: Cristina Poulain