Practice Makes Permanent


It is said that forgiveness is for the strong. It is said that the hearts that have been truly touched by love are the ones that can softly let go.

I grew up thinking that practice makes perfect, that acts like forgiving, letting go, showing kindness and spreading compassion are to be practiced to perfection.

I was wrong.

The world around me was wrong. Practice makes permanent.

All the times you had to forgive someone weren’t setting you up to be the perfect forgiver; they set up the act of forgiveness to be something you don’t think twice when you do. All the times you had to let go of something you were deeply attached to didn’t turn you into a person who lets go at a blink of an eye; they helped you understand that letting go is a natural part of life, that the fibers of your heart have been permed to unhook softly when the time comes.

Humans are vengeful by nature. We seek revenge when wronged. We practice all the hurtful words we’ll say when the odds are in our favor. Some of us spend years plotting the perfect way to make those who have hurt us payback. Sometimes, we even set this revenge upon ourselves. We punish our hearts for the mistakes of others; mistakes we most definitely can forgive.

Revenge can and will consume you if you practice it for too long. But the human heart isn’t all black and white. This is why the matters of the heart are still a mystery. Sometimes grey takes over and once we’ve tasted grey we think we’ve found a balance: Forgive, but not to often. Let go, but not before fighting to hold on. Show kindness, only when you’ve been shown the same. And stay compassionate, only when the world smiles at you.

There are infinite shades of grey. A single particle of either black or white can change your world. And we know but choose not to believe that we have a hand in the colors we paint our heart.

And life will not hand you white paint all the time, but we do have a say in picking up the brush painting it black. We can skip tainting our heart with the color that will only make it darker.

Forgiveness doesn’t come without letting go. And kindness only lies in a compassionate heart.

There is so much comfort in knowing we can keep the fibers of our heart white. There is infinite relief in knowing we can live with ease during hardship. And there are endless possibilities for the one who succeeds in seeing the permanence in practicing letting go.

When we let go, we show kindness to ourselves before anyone else. When we forgive, we soothe our hearts with compassion like no other.

May you never need to let go of those who touched your heart with kindness.