It is truly wonderful, the power other human beings have on us. How their simple words or actions and even sometimes their existence can touch our lives in ways we never knew possible, most of, because we don’t know those people!

It’s a basic chain reaction; all of it. You think you have the full power to choose the life you want to have for yourself. While it’s almost impossible to have it this way. Other choices will always affect you… Strangers’ choices will always always affect you.

The requisite unintentional butterfly effect, that flip of destiny that shapes the rest of your life, until another flip happens and so it is…

What’s important is: Coming to this very simple realization, you don’t lose hope and you don’t lose ground, you don’t stand behind a disguise and you don’t waste yourself away.

Because in the very same way, your actions are affecting the lives of not only those around you, it’s affecting those you don’t know, the most.

You’re free to choose for yourself… and for others. Trust the ground beneath your feet :)




When you give away, dare you remember.
And dare you forget when you receive.

Love grows this way. Let love grow, you deserve this much from yourself :)



Maybe that’s why I was born.

But I can’t be the only one. It shouldn’t be this way. I think I have a companion, that taught me of patience and persistence, of kindness and passion.. and of beauty and heartache. I have time. We all do. But we tend to forget.

Things get better in time. Pain goes away by time. Smile comes back with time. Time heals everything. On a certain level, time might seem to be the only one who truly cares about us.

But you can’t put time on love, or can you?



I can’t.

I won’t.

365 days and I love you more by the minute.

And I still miss the sound of your voice wifey.



You can predict or plan for love. Being an extremely organized person, obsessed with the details, I love the idea that love is an exception to all of that. Love is the wild card. When in love, I can let go of it all.

I don’t plan to smile widely when I see you, and still I can’t even hold my smile at the thought of you. I don’t plan for you to be my last thought at night, but somehow you turn out to be. I don’t plan to get angry at myself and push myself to not think of you at random times, yet I still wonder if you are thinking about me.

I made my choice. And I plan to stick to it. This is the one thing planned in my beautifully chaotic story. I simply plan to stick to it. I would rather have you break my heart because you just don’t know than tell you and watch you walk away. Nothing hurts like walking out. After dealing with it, I’ve come to the conclusion that it truly is worse than a broken heart. It leaves you.. empty, not just shattered. And that, I can’t afford going through again.

Funny how it might have never crossed you mind, how you don’t know. Funny how no one knows!

Funnier how I just know… everything. And you don’t know I know.

You too, can have all the time in the world. Patience has become my best friend lately. And in the meanwhile.. I’ll still love you.

Inspired by every day life!

In next to no time…


I never prepared myself for a feeling. I’m a very emotional person, and normally I wear my heart on my sleeve.

But tonight, when it strikes 12 past mid night, I know my heart will experience emotions I never knew were humanly bearable. Tonight, I will want to curl up and I would want the world to leave me alone. Tonight, I will wish for nothing more than to have you back. And tonight, I will choose to not sleep if I can’t find you in my dreams. In spite of all my trials, tonight I will allow myself to break down and feel your pain too.

You’re here, in a way, and I’m thankful for every breath that goes out and comes in. Yet, I can’t help but wonder if it had taken you less time to give us a lot more.

Now every moment that has you in it is sacred.

I was scared, now I am strong. We are all strong.

And we love you.
And we want you back.

Hurry home, as soon as you can, in next to no time. Please.



It might look a lot like strength, I just think it’s a form of life-time devotion.

In my sleep, I dream you’re happy. That’s all I want.

If I can stop your heart from breaking, I will not have lived in vain. If I helped soothing your pain, I will not have lived in vain. I shall not live in vain. For you.

And I understand, I understand that one’s first love is always perfect… but that is, only until one meets one’s second love. All I do is understand.

And I’m waiting for you to do too.