Pick it up


I am very slow at taking hints.
I love flowers and books.
I don’t mind cold pizza, not at all.
I would travel the world on a bike if I could.
I think people who eat saltless fries should be exiled to a very remote island.
I squeak and I like the colour pink a little too much, and not in the girly fluff way, I just really like the colour.
I cry over things only I understand sometimes, and no, I won’t get it if that frustrates anyone.

I laugh, a lot. I laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. I believe laughter is the cure to anything.
If I could turn back time, I would, only to spend more time with Julie.
I have no regrets.
I was never a cat person before I adopted my kitten, King Mario <3
I love dragons and I believe that they existed at a point in time.
I love ballet and I wish I can go back.
I know I am blessed beyond comprehension.
I’ve learnt, to find things to get happy over, even in the saddest of times and that is a gift I truly am thankful for.
I am loud.
I love all animals. I think zoos are cruel.
I don’t like having a superior, but I’m tagging along until I can break off on my own.
I want to have at least travelled to 30 countries before I die.

This journey of self-discovery has been great.




“It must feel really good to have someone.” she said as she looked the other way.