Fallen Eagle – يسقط الرئيس القادم


I dipped my finger in that blue ink with a heart filled with hope and a vision for a better home for my children and loved ones in years to come.

I had hope.

I’m scared it’s gone.

We were one step away from making our lives work. We were denied our right of happiness- of a settlement that would have made it all make sense. It was about time for my country and the people who live in it to start making sense.

I will not be part of another crime in this nation’s history. I will not vote for the person who planned Omar’s death nor the person who did not fight to catch the killer. I will not dip my finger in that blue ink one more time- I will not dip my finger in blood.

I will work and I will be a loyal servant to this country’s growth and prosperity, but I will not be part of this silly act, again. I was a fool all along. I should have never celebrated the 11th of February. I should have waited till it’s all cleaned up. I should have completed what everyone started. I am a fool who’s sickened by everything around.

I was once again fooled and deluded by false hope, little did I recall that I do not need false hope when I have concrete faith.

I will not give up on my ability to make a change in this country…but I trusted that people’s will could be stronger than the money that will buy the few weak souls… it’s sad.

I just had hope.. and it died today.

Whatever happens we’re in this together, but I will not be part of a crime.

I am sorry Omar, they broke my hearts twice: Once when you died and another when the run-offs are now between the one who planned your death and one who watched in silence.

يسقط الرئيس القادم- و شاكلى هرجع انزل التحرير من ورا اهلى تانى! ربنا يجازى اللى كان السبب


I Dare You to Move


Nothing should humble you more than knowing you’re loved, that in someone’s life you left a tender imprint and that in a world full of crashing waves and broken roads you served a purpose and you served it well.

The problem is, if you don’t move you might never stumble upon love, if you don’t move you might never find the person who will appreciate and remember you existence.. And if you don’t move, you will be of no purpose.

We think there is always a tomorrow, so why expose our feelings today? Why risk being vulnerable? Why take the chance? Because today, what we love, what we feel, what is real, is what we have. Tomorrow, it may all change.

Move while it still feels real, while the relevant and irrelevant define your being. Move.

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They say that now you can smell food even if it’s hundreds of meters away- it is the way your body adjusts. In your hometown, you are famous for your incredibly tasty “Kabsa”!

They say that you might never see your daughter again; the daughter you waited for so eagerly and counted every night for the whole 9 months, praying to God to keep her and your wife safe.

She thought that you will come back and you will have the traditional Palestinian wedding you’ve always dreamed of as little children playing behind the ruins of what used to be your street.

I’ve heard your mother lost her ability to walk after your brother died in a bombing of the old market place. You were her feet and guidance ever since. She only prays she’ll see you again- alive.


Make a statement.

Haunt our dreams and conscience.


I pray for you to hold on.

And I pray for your relief- your release.


The taste in your mouth is the sweetest.

The taste of faith and dignity.




May your hunger be food for our souls to REBEL.. and free you!

My heart goes to you- every minute of every day.

قريبا.. سنصلى فى القدس

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