143– Egypt Speaks (Day 3)


It is still going strong. Blood and sweat, we are not going down.

The government blocked facebook and twitter, so I can’t reach any updates, but I can truly imagine how it’s going out there.

Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow is when the future of a nation is to be decided, and I have hope… I have hope for the country because of the people.


141– Egypt Speaks (Day 2)


Anger and suppression, despite being negative connotations, today, they proved the greatness of a nation.

For the second day, Egyptians truly prove what they are made of: patience, persistence, strong will, love and beauty. We are a beautiful nation that was blessed with a beautiful country. Along the years, we’ve been denied the right to enjoy this beauty, but the time has come for this to change.

Protestors in Washington D.C

Protestors in Washington D.C

In the very early hours of today I was informed by my friends in London that protests errupted there as well, and slowly things moved to New York and Washington D.C.

BBC News- Egypt protests: Demonstrators ‘face prosecution’

It’s like a war zone out there, but war for freedom is the most noble of all. Prosecution and detaining of more than 500 citizens, random shooting and gas bombs are not going to stop people from claiming what they deserve and the least is not going to bed on an empty stomach.

The government and guard forces were truly taken by surprise, they would have never expected so much energy and anger.

My parents just stormed out of the house, my sister hasn’t been home since 2 pm and we cannot reach her. Prayers needed they all get home safe.

I have more to say, so I’ll come back and update this later.

God bless our country!

Update: Sister is back home alhamdulilah.

140– Egypt Speaks (Day 1)


When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right.

This is not a political blog. This is not a blog to report news. But this is a blog that comes right from the heart; and my heart belongs to this country.

You see, I woke up today and I thought nothing would happen. I thought that  a few would go out to the streets and as usual, guard forces would put it all to rest using the typical methods. Honestly, I was not a fan of Egypt revolting. I did not think change would come with a protest – that’s what I thought would happen; a bunch of angry people out on the streets – and that by any means does not indicate that I am negative or passive, it’s just that along the years I started to lose faith in our ability to demand and find a response. I saw foreign intrusion over the slightest of matters in several countries and I did not want to watch that happen in Egypt. But I was wrong, I should have never let go of my faith in my home, in my people.

But just as I was getting out of bed I heard my sister telling my dad that crowds are moving towards Tahrir Square and that thousands are already out in Mansura and Port Said. She also mentioned that police/guard forces fail to control the situation. I turned on my TV to look for any piece of news, but nada… there was nothing to watch! No updates, no recent reports, as if Egypt was the stillest country of the moment.

Then there comes Facebook in handy, updated by the second, I saw videos, pictures, statuses of what I thought was never possible to achieve. I saw every reason to believe in this country. I saw persistence and patience. I saw anger directed to a cause and I saw a very strong will to live a better life.

The Egyptian government blocked Twitter, to slow down the news-update process, but that did not stop anything from spreading. Today, they found a way. Today Egyptians proved what matters and what doesn’t. Today they put an end to excuses and spoke up. Today they proved that eventually we’ll all realize that home matters.

Each has been leading a life of his own and got completely wrapped up in the little details that could keep you unaware of the bitter reality of the surroundings. A lot made fun of the “revolution” that’s been planned through facebook and Whatsapp and I was one of them. Turns out that technology, the same thing that isolated each in his world and kept us apart was the only thing that brought us together today.

Today young girls gave away flowers to police men and guard forces. Today officers took off their official suits and stood hand in hand with the citizens of a suppressed nation. It’s about time we decide where the power truly belongs: in the heart of a revolution or in the stick of an officer.

Thousands choose to sleep on the streets tonight to provide the rights of millions. Hundreds of restaurants are distributing food on thousands of protestors for free. Tens of detained citizens were captured to save hundreds. Today each stopped being for his own. Today all is for Egypt.

Today Egypt unrests. Today decades of repression revealed the cracks in the hearts of millions. Today a volcano of unity and heartache errupted. And this is just one day; a day that will decide if this is a wake up call to higher authorities or an anger wave that will bring them all down.

Today, I am proud to be a daughter, a sister and a friend to every one out there. Today, I was given a reason to believe that my country still has a future.

Long Live Egypt. Long Live Home.

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For more Photos: Egypt– 25 January 2011



Today I saw my two best friends whom I haven’t seen in TOO long. Today we shared stories while lying on our backs and staring at the ceiling, we cracked jokes over unhealthy food and we travelled down memory-lane over the best oreo madness anyone would ever have.

For a moment there, I realized how we’ve grown inseperable. It’s the days we sit around and do nothing. It’s the moments we laugh so hard we cry. It’s the way we look at each other and know what’s going through our heads. Or how we snap the same sarcastic statements at the sametime. It’s the stupid pictures and inside jokes. They’re the reason we’re inseparable.

No outsiders could fully translate the coded expressions, the unjustified hugs and awwww-s. We grew to become more family than friends.

If you have a best friend and you haven’t seen in a long while; make sure that nothing takes their smile away. Keeping and seeing it on their faces, would lift your heart to a warmth you never knew existed.

At a point in life, we all cried until we had no choice but to laugh. I love you.



I have a thing for swings. I guess it’s the way the air giggles through my hair… or maybe it’s the rush I feel every time my legs are extended in the air and I have no care in the world for a moment, then again maybe it’s the push; the never stopping. I don’t remember a time where I wanted to get off a swing.

In philosophy, a swing in many ways resembles life: one moment you’re staring at the sky, the other you feel like you’re hitting the ground.

I have a thing for swings; the child that forever lives inside of me does. It’s been a wonderful part of my childhood, part of my own.




Today, I don’t really have anything to say, rather than writing anything, I choose to have you watch that video.

There will never be anything better than drawing a smile on a stranger’s face.



Happiest thought of the day: Some people enter our lives at the most random times for the most beautiful reasons :)