Yet, fear has never felt so beautiful before.– Basma Mostafa

And again, I’m saying it: No one gets to me the way you do.

The way you look at me, the way you smile at me, the way you talk to me, I’m telling you, no one gets to me the way you do.

You keep me from going crazy. You give my life direction. I get happy when I look at you across the room. When I catch you smiling at me on our way home in the car.

What we have is simple; too simple for a lot of people to understand, but too overwhelming for us to explain.

You take me to where I never knew I could find myself.

I love every single little detail about him. The good and the bad. They all make up him, and he’s all I want.




I am used to losing my ground, yet now I have a reason- this is my reason; you are my reason to stay.

Together we create a fine art of falling. I love you.



She stopped breathing, replaced it with respiration, the simple physiological process to simply stay alive.
She chose to open her eyes widely and shut her heart out.
She decided to think for others only and left pieces of her soul along the road, convinced that to let go of the past, pieces have to be left behind.

One day, she heard about the blindfold; the magic that would lead her home. Unable to define where that could be, believing the worst has already been done and gotten over with, she took the blindfold and chose to find her home.

But as much as it prevented a normal vision, it opened her heart, awakened her senses, let her feel her feet on the ground, and took her to a doorstep she did not expect to stand at in the end.

The door opened and so did all the closed ones to her soul. Turns out her heart was trying to tell her something. Turns out her heart knew all along, because nothing ever felt as right as standing at that door. Turns out her heart was whispering, but she chose to ignore. Turns out she knew all along, but she was so bitter to realize. Turns out your life could turn around in a matter of seconds. Turns out no one will guide you better than a heart that was done with leaving pieces behind.

With a smile, he gave her back all the lost pieces, because that smile did not only carry promises- that could be broken anyway- it carried committment, which surprisingly was not scary at all this time.

And what she’s been running away from for the past two years, is exactly what she settled for from the comfort at this doorstep.

A lot.



I have been too happy for words lately (Alhamdulilah) but it’s so unhealthy; my head is crammed with words that I am now going to let out.. yes, now is the time.

– 200! It’s been 200 days since I started this project. Some days it feels like the year is never going to end, while other days I try to hold on to every day as hard as I could for the speed it races me at. I still call myself a child, yet I’m getting older by the minute.

– Yesterday I realized that I’m turning 20 this year. It was one of the hardest bangs on the head. Not because I like to stay young- which I do, or because I hate the number 20 and the responibilities it brings. I consider myself a very responsible person, yet the image associated to a 20 year old is what I truly don’t like. As I said, I still call myself a child, will always do, will always be one.

– Lately I’ve been feeling so lucky and blessed. It just feels so right to be where I am, who I am, who I’m with. I can’t help but wonder, does anyone ever feel the same way?

– All I needed to see what I thought I had stopped looking for was not to open my eyes.. it was simply to open my heart. It was already there.

– I knew I was falling when I closed my eyes. You say something I close my eyes and breathe. I breathe.
I lost the ability to do that a year ago and you put life right back in the heart of me. And that is what makes us different. I did not follow simply what I see, I chose to follow what I feel. too. And if I were to have you ever trusting me, I had to trust in you as well, even in the dark, even when you have the power to make me close my eyes. Even when you have the power to make me breathe. I trust you.

– Cuddling in front of a nice movie never seemed like a good idea before you.

– The moral of the story will always be; love each other as much as you can today, tomorrow might never come. Forget about the rest of the world; the rest of the world is in denial. Extreme, that is.

– I love Jerry McGuire.

– You don’t run away from love, no matter how hard you try, you find yourself running away with it.



I’ll never be the same again…

I make mistakes and I have regrets. I laugh too loud. My hair is a mess. My legs go blue when I’m cold. I’m sleepy half of the time. I’m very very clumsy. I run around in circles when I’m nervous. Things just get to me. Basically, I’m not perfect. But when I’m with you, it doesn’t matter, because you make the most comfortable person alive.

I love you- you know that.

No one gets to me the way you do. Sometimes that’s all one can need.



Just because the road ahead is long, is no reason to slow down. Just because there is much work to be done, is no reason to get discouraged. It is a reason to get started, to grow, to find new ways, to reach within yourself and discover strength, commitment, determination, discipline. The road ahead is long, and difficult, and filled with opportunity at every turn. Start what needs starting. Finish what needs finishing. Get on the road. Stay on the road. Get on with the work. Right now you’re at the beginning of the journey. What a great place to be! Just imagine all the things you’ll learn, all the people you’ll meet, all the experiences you’ll have. Be thankful that the road is long and challenging, because that is where you’ll find the best that life has to offer.

My members, you’ll all always make me proud. I’ll always try my best for you. And together we’ll make the world a much better place changing one life after the other :)
Rawan and Sara, you two grew to be my two precious diamonds. I love you beyond words could possibly explain.
Menna, you will always be my one and only sister TL.
Adham, my mentor and my guidance. I am very thankful to be your successor.
Bassiouni, Naka, Dina and Salma, I am the luckiest person alive to be rewarded with such a beautiful EB team. Bahebena.

AIESEC GUC’s Outgoing Exchange Function, the great team I was blessed to guide and show the way till the end of 2011 proved to me today that success lies in the hearts of those who believe. I can already see our great achievements together down the way waiting. I know you all see this too.

To writing history… and changing lives.

I ♥ OGX. Always Always.



There are people who take the heart out of you, and those who put it back in

For the past 4 days I haven’t been able to update my blog due to technical issues, and here I am now staring at the big blank space, too happy for words.

It didn’t start that way. I didn’t know or think it would grow into this that quickly, not that we’re in a rush… it simply feels as if we’ve always been here, our entire lives prepared us for the day our destinies would merge.

I am very sleepy, nothing would treat me better than a hot cup of ginger and cinnamon and a good sleep, yet I would stay awake waiting for your late night call because it adds up to my comfort at night. Factually, it doesn’t just add up… it makes it happen.

I don’t remember being this thankful to God in quite a while, and this time I’m not only thankful for directing my heart to yours or for bringing us closer; I am thankful most for all of the unanswered prayers. The prayers I now know I didn’t heartful-ly mean or should have not meant- to say the least. Now that I experience love and happiness in my every waking and sleeping moment, I won’t let go of that, I’ll forever be thankful for that.

I love how the road keeps paving itself with pieces that fall right into place.
You believe in me a lot more than I believe in myself, and for that I love you more by the second. I love how in your eyes I’m complete; you are the only person who managed to make me comfortable in my clumsiness. I love how you make any passing minute special just by being around. I love how you say all the right small things to fill the empty spaces inside of my heart. I love how I came to the realization that I love you. And I love how I know that it is right– All I have to do is look at you while you’re doing anything, I instantly find my face warming up with a smile.

It all happened in an eye blink. And it changed our lives forever. Always.

It gets scary, vague thoughts at the back of my head, how it’s all happening… but every once in a while everyone is entitled a life-time share of perfection. And I’ve found mine in you.

I don’t know what I exactly came here to say, but I came here carrying all the love in the world :)

I love you.


Alhamdulilah :)