Learn to know me :)


An eternal optimist; that would be me :)
Life taught me that if trust won’t do it, faith always will.
Writing is my strongest passion, and my words are being put into action.. and that would change the world one fine day isA :)

I’m not a femenist; being pro-women doesn’t mean I’m anti-men!

Fareeda, my cousin was brought into my world at 12.02 pm on Saturday the 3rd of September 2005, and my whole world revolves around her ever since. She’s my very own snow white :)
Four years later her sister Salma joined the crowd, born on the 27th of December 2009. Salma is the closest thing to a personal ray of sunshine. Her smile inspires the child inside of me and her butterfly kisses keep the warmth in my heart.

I am a family person. I love my family to a great extent, sometimes people fail to understand why I love them so much… but really, I happen to have the craziest kindest most charming family that could ever be.

I worked at TeenStuff Magazine between 2005 and 2010, and ever since my life has not been the same. I owe them unleashing the writer in me. It was an experience of great impact to commit to a working place at the age of 14.

It’s always bothered me since I was a little kid that I do not paint like everybody else, till my dad one day told me that it’s all a part of my unique being. I never really wanted to study pharmacy as it never was part of my “Change the World” plan, but things were not working in my favor at the time and so as an optimist, I only had to believe it was for the best. It never really dicouraged me, because everyone who get where they are had to begin where they were and it’s not always smiley posters and pink candy for everyone, it’s still as good as we want it to be though.

After I joined university, I’ve been part of two amazing student activities: AIESEC and GUCMUN. I consider myself one of the luckiest few who got to experience the best of both worlds. And while my journey with GUCMUN technically came to an end, it will forever be a part of my existence, as well as a strong foundation for the VERY devoted AIESECer I’ve become.

I believe in karma, unicorns and shooting stars.
I usually imagine what I can’t have till it becomes real.
And I am always always wishing. even in non-eye lash moments. I am a wisher. I am a believer.
I love children and the sound of laughter. Nothing could be more delightful or heavenly than watching a child grow.
And I’d most definitely enjoy Pizza in front of a good movie and nice company.
I love spending time in the kitchen; cooking and baking.
I have an appetite for everything. An appetite for a life I see myself living.

As young as I might be,I know that some things will never be the same again. I’ve accepted that my life has reached a point of change, and instead of running away… I’ve decided to embrace it :)

***All the pieces present here in my blog may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.
Please read the Etiquette Policy and respect it!
Stealing my work is not only against the law but unethical.
Altering or using without express written permission is stealing.


7 thoughts on “Learn to know me :)

  1. badr-elzaman

    although i don’t need to learn to know you becouse i felt you in tow words from the frist time i saw you in teen stuff .. yes.. only 2 words nesma is a very simple one and creative too.
    realy i’m prouded of you and i like your dream so much to change the worled maybe becouse i was asking myself if i can do it and always i was hearing a voice telling me yessssssssssssssssss i can
    but maybe later :) :) :D :D :D : D

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