A Message to Heavens – 3


Yesterday, my sister made me listen to this song. I cried so hard the first time I listened to it; it’s been only 45 days since I’d lost you and the lyrics just hit all the wrong cords.

Today, I voluntarily listened to it over and over again. I cried every time. I miss you so much.
I know a girl who passed away yesterday in a car accident, but it was so quick, her parents didn’t get to say goodbye. It broke my heart, but I instantly appreciated every single second I spent with you one million times more. You are so precious.

I called Mona to talk for a while, to let some emotion out before I go to sleep, to find that you have been trying to send us a message all this time and it just wasn’t getting to us. Visiting stranger’s dreams is acceptable if only you make sure it will get to us; you’re watching over us, aren’t you?

I would go places for one more hug and one more long phone conversation, but I know there’s an eternal afterlife reserved for that, I’ll work so hard to meet you there :)

I won’t be angry, I promise you. I won’t let Mona get angry too.

I love you so much, until we meet again, I’ll still love you the same and more.
I know you’re flying :) <3


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