A Message to Heavens


I miss you. you are and will always be my best friend and the only one who ever really got me. Your hug will stay my reassuring place and safest place to confide, cry and share happiness. I’ll always miss you. We wanted to be little old ladies together and we will be, you’ll stay little and I’ll get old and the world will know your story and the beautiful fighter you are. I love you. I hope there are chocolate/caramel sundaes, flying penguins, nail polish, Ahmed Mekki and good books wherever you are. Heavens called on you so fast, but they were missing an angel. You never hurt anyone and even when you left, you did in peace. I know you are happy and I know you are where you belong. We’ll be little old ladies. If I have kids, they’ll know they have a beautiful aunt who is looking down on them and now you can literally be a “fairy” godmother like we said you would be (with the wand and all). I love you, but it’s time I face the truth even if it wrenches my soul. Farewell my friend, my sister and my touchstone. Farewell.


This is only the first of letters. Please write back.

Farewell wifey..