Bedtime – Words for Life



He tucked his 6 year old very precious daughter into her bed, she wrapped her short arms around his neck and kissed his forehead- their bond was so unique, so beautiful and breathtakingly unbreakable.

He knew that this bundle of joy will turn into a agorgeous young woman in a blink of an eye, and sooner than he can imagine someone else will come along and steal her heart. Not only that, but before he grasps the fact that she’s no longer his alone, he will be a grandfather and his princess will be a mom!

He mumbled “you’ve grown up so fast, princess!”, she responded “But I don’t want to grow up daddy.”

He tucked himself next to her, held her closely and said “When you’re not a little girl anymore, you will not lose the child in your heart,” pointing to her chest “you’ll still get excited when chasing a butterfly, you’ll scream with joy when you see family and friends you haven’t seen in a while, ice cream will be your number one source of happiness and you will sing out loud whenever you think no one is listening.” “When you grow up, some of your dreams will come true and some won’t. Do not lose hope, princess. Don’t. Even in the darkest hours; faith and hope are the two things that will help you get through. And like I taught you, leave no stone unturned. Try everything. Try and fail. Celebrate failure, for it proves that you’ve tried something. Don’t be harsh on yourself if things don’t work out, they’re just not meant to- at least not at that time.” He catches her staring at him and asks “Do you understand anything I’m saying?”, she responds “Well daddy, I understand some things, that I will always chase butterflies and eat ice cream, that I can still sing when I’m older and that seeing you will always make my day. Also, to turn every stone I see upside down.” He giggles “I guess all you need to do is to keep this innocence inside of you alive.” – “I love you daddy, goodnight. *kiss*”


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