Fallen Eagle – يسقط الرئيس القادم


I dipped my finger in that blue ink with a heart filled with hope and a vision for a better home for my children and loved ones in years to come.

I had hope.

I’m scared it’s gone.

We were one step away from making our lives work. We were denied our right of happiness- of a settlement that would have made it all make sense. It was about time for my country and the people who live in it to start making sense.

I will not be part of another crime in this nation’s history. I will not vote for the person who planned Omar’s death nor the person who did not fight to catch the killer. I will not dip my finger in that blue ink one more time- I will not dip my finger in blood.

I will work and I will be a loyal servant to this country’s growth and prosperity, but I will not be part of this silly act, again. I was a fool all along. I should have never celebrated the 11th of February. I should have waited till it’s all cleaned up. I should have completed what everyone started. I am a fool who’s sickened by everything around.

I was once again fooled and deluded by false hope, little did I recall that I do not need false hope when I have concrete faith.

I will not give up on my ability to make a change in this country…but I trusted that people’s will could be stronger than the money that will buy the few weak souls… it’s sad.

I just had hope.. and it died today.

Whatever happens we’re in this together, but I will not be part of a crime.

I am sorry Omar, they broke my hearts twice: Once when you died and another when the run-offs are now between the one who planned your death and one who watched in silence.

يسقط الرئيس القادم- و شاكلى هرجع انزل التحرير من ورا اهلى تانى! ربنا يجازى اللى كان السبب


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