The One Before Last


– When your loved ones go out of their way quite often to fit your moves- consider your steps.

– It doesn’t take talent to turn gold to dust. But it takes a hell lot of it to do the opposite.

– To preserve beauty is to never underestimate it’s value.

– I am learning to say “NO”- and it’s like hitting someone with a knife to their face.

– Passion alone will make you do the same mistake over and over again in attempt to get something you want. Passion and wit though; these will get you anywhere in life.

– In your future, I don’t want to be the part that didn’t last in your past.

– You shouldn’t wonder if the one you’re with will miss you if you’re gone. You shouldn’t.

– It’s okay to not want the same things in life. Bridges and tunnels were designated to spare you the cross-road heartache. Don’t make up reasons in fear it won’t end well. It all does.

– She didn’t know when things got rough between them because they didn’t. He just became cold. She made him.

– I miss 11 months ago.

– There are certain things in life worth living for. We have one of them.

– Nobody, ever, gets to see what they could have been.

– The sharper the edge, the cleaner the wound. The faster the cut, the quicker it heals.

– Don’t die with un-lived life in your veins.

– Speak you heart, even if it doesn’t translate to the recipient.

– Sometimes, against all odds, you turn out to be right… About everything, from the very beginning. And still, they won’t admit.

– Two years have proven to be a lot of time.

– Life without your best friend is not impossible to survive- but it’s the closest thing to a drought with seasonal rain. Never enough, but keeps you alive anyway, despite what you wish for.

– I know you looked forwards to this moment too, let’s not lose it.

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