A little bit stronger


Happiness is a state of mind. Maybe.

I can now sing without feeling that my heart is going to break for singing without you. It doesn’t mean that I can do it all the time, the pain just grew familiar.

I know things will never be the same, some things are going to get way better, some others are meant to fail.

I am done hoping. Now I know, if I want something real bad, the only two things I have to do is pray I can keep it and not let myself stand in the way.

The world seemed depopulated at a point in time, now it seems half-depopulated. It’s better. I am a people’s person.

I didn’t let you build me up so high, for my heart can’t take the fall, but now I want to take your hand and go up a little bit.

I now have a greater fear. I now have something to cherish. Something and someone to hold on to.


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