A Gateway


Serenity is knowing that your worst shot is still pretty good.
~Johnny Miller

I am not a fan of going away with my parents. Even if it were Hawaii.
They would still hang out with their boring friends and I would turn into a walking zombie who has to socialize with nagging 45 year old couples who fight at every chance to make me end up with any of their sons.
See, I love people, and sometimes these people have really interesting stories, but these stories become interesting only because when away with family the interesting-o-meter hits rock bottom.

I am going away for the next 5 days with my parents to Hurghada- Sahl Hashish to be more specific. Somewhere I’ve been looking forwards to visiting for a long time now, and by no mean will I allow anything or anyone to ruin this chance for me. inshallah!

I want to have hours of quietness and peace of mind on the beach while desperately begging the sun to pigment my skin for a change (I hardly ever get a tan; my skin texture!)
I want to read my new book and listen to the music I love without being obliged to showing up to dinners or boring gatherings.
I WILL NOT go on that yacht and listen to babbling women.
I will talk to strangers and I will make new friends.
I will be nice to the staff and I will smile at everyone.
I will blow off the dust that has accumulated on my shelved thoughts and I will resolve my deepest concerns.
I will scribble down random thoughts in my diary and I will not keep anything inside of me.
And I will not come back unless it’s a clear mind.

This is more than a trip with family; this is a gateway- a one that I’ve been looking forwards to for so long.

I will come back with no regrets or worries.
And all that I forget, is forgiven.

Meanwhile, I will still miss my boyfriend and whine about it!


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