I never knew tears of joy and fear could slide down my cheeks and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

I never knew these two opposite feelings; joy and fear, could exist at the very same moment.

I never knew a heart could experience ultimate joy and unmatchable fear and yet beat for life.

And I never knew my face can wear a joyful smile and a fearful frown and yet hope glints from my eyes.

And I don’t know how anyone can ever ask of me to let go of the thing that makes me feel this way. I don’t know and I can’t comprehend.

It’s so indescribable. It’s the closest to living my life twice, through the same body and the same soul.

I won’t let go.

I can’t.

I promise.

It wasn’t walking out, it was stepping aside for the possibility of what’s better.

Now all we do is pray.

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