The Comeback


I want to be given one reason that I don’t know of already that would make me come here every day to write. I want a purpose other than all of these that I’ve lost. I want a dream that can’t be beaten by cruel thoughtless words.
For the past 3 days I have banned myself from having any long term dreams or goals, because they all wither down the road. And my emotional capacity cannot carry the intent of fighting for these goals and dream. So I want a reason– a reason to fight and never stop. A reason to wear my heart on my sleeves again and not be afraid. A reason that would take the dreams where half of my face is covered and replace them with a Nesma that is not scared to be herself or let her hair down.

I want a purpose. And I lost all mine.
I’m not afraid to admit. Fear without courage is a trait of the cowards. And I’m not one. I’ve went out of my way to make my heart grow stronger. I am not afraid. I am strong. I believe in the power of change. I am an eternal optimist. I will never forget who I am nor will I lose recognition of myself ever again.

All I need now is a purpose, a purpose that would put me back on my feet and bring the faith back into me.

It’s been too long. Time is of the essence. I will not waste another second.

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