The Why


I haven’t been publishing for long. And I don’t know when I’ll go back to publishing what I write. Every day, I save the entry and go to sleep. And I don’t feel bad, because I write for you. I write for you to read and enjoy. I write for you to read and learn. I write for you because you come here to read my art and that’s the least I can do; to always always write for you. To touch your heart. To make you smile. And to eventually change your life.
But I won’t hit the publish button unless it’s easy reading, because the very little part that comes here to write for myself believes heart and soul, that easy reading is extremely hard writing. And I believe this much in myself. And I need you to believe in me as much. I’ll come back, I promise. I’m just low on faith when it comes to the words my pen draw– my faith in my pen will never be gone though.

You all started this 365 project with me and if it were not for the immense support, it wouldn’t have went on. So thank you, always. I’ll be back. If you know where to find me, I can use a guiding hand.

I love you. Stay precious.

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One thought on “The Why

  1. ” I felt that a lot of things were in my hands then flied and disappeared in the space , and it`s at your hand now , it`s the novel that would help you to know the birds have flied and never came back and others that still on earth !! ”

    the writer Ibrahim Abdel mageed said about one of his novels , and it seems to be for anybody trying to express his soul in writing even if he is not a professional writer , but I think this feeling of deep forceful expiration and getting off such colored birds always preceded by so furious violent conflict and very annoying worrying questions disturbing his soul and never stop trying to hurt it , and we write to relive that conflict and expand the area of our great dreams and expectations . we write to see ourselves and to discover the dark roads connecting our souls .. it`s a so hard struggle but an enjoying way at the same time :)

    I like this corner , it seems a secret far spot shining in dark . writing here is warm and simple .. it is quiet lovely warmth doesn`t burn , and that`s why I like it !

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