Yesterday was beautiful; a long-exhausting-absolutely-worth-it day. And I loved every single moment of it.

Yet today, I am enjoying a long-relaxing-of-no-importance-at-all day!
I’ve been watching CSI and Castle all day. Literally. Switching from an episode to the other. And it feels amazing, because God I missed that: the beauty of doing absolutely nothing. Having all the time in the world and abusing your power over it -which rarely ever happens, for you to be ahead of time-, because you know well how much you deserve a break.

Tonight, I hope nothing disturbs my utter bliss of nothingness, I believe I’ve worked hard for it. So dear world, kindly let me drown in the awesomeness of absolute void.

All the love in the world,
A very lazy Nesma blogging from her blackberry infront of the TV on a very comfortable couch with plenty of low-fat and healthy snacks at reach

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