209-214 (A Week After)


I don’t know why on earth would anyone keep me away from my blog!
Even stupid technical hiccups!

I came here to write a million little things, it’s been a week after all, but my mind goes blank as soon as this white sheet comes down the screen.

I am passionate.
I am empty.
I am stupid.
I am brilliant.
I am random.
I am consistent.
I am in love.
I am not to settle.
I am loud.
I am shy.
I am the rule.
I am the exception.
I am the fact.
I am the opposite.
I am your dream.
I am your reality.

It’s been one week, full of moments that put me through every possible human emotion.. And yet, today, as rain drops hit the ground, they hit all the strings that held these moments together, cutting the delicate chains, leaving my precious moments suspended, somewhere in time: untouched, unnoticed, but always carved in my memories.

Rain drops hit the ground and took me to where I never want to be. Only this time it was different- I didn’t want to curl up and die like it’s always been– I wanted nothing but to run to you, cry my heart out and let you chase my fears away. You are my safety. I love you.


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