She stopped breathing, replaced it with respiration, the simple physiological process to simply stay alive.
She chose to open her eyes widely and shut her heart out.
She decided to think for others only and left pieces of her soul along the road, convinced that to let go of the past, pieces have to be left behind.

One day, she heard about the blindfold; the magic that would lead her home. Unable to define where that could be, believing the worst has already been done and gotten over with, she took the blindfold and chose to find her home.

But as much as it prevented a normal vision, it opened her heart, awakened her senses, let her feel her feet on the ground, and took her to a doorstep she did not expect to stand at in the end.

The door opened and so did all the closed ones to her soul. Turns out her heart was trying to tell her something. Turns out her heart knew all along, because nothing ever felt as right as standing at that door. Turns out her heart was whispering, but she chose to ignore. Turns out she knew all along, but she was so bitter to realize. Turns out your life could turn around in a matter of seconds. Turns out no one will guide you better than a heart that was done with leaving pieces behind.

With a smile, he gave her back all the lost pieces, because that smile did not only carry promises- that could be broken anyway- it carried committment, which surprisingly was not scary at all this time.

And what she’s been running away from for the past two years, is exactly what she settled for from the comfort at this doorstep.

A lot.


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