There are people who take the heart out of you, and those who put it back in

For the past 4 days I haven’t been able to update my blog due to technical issues, and here I am now staring at the big blank space, too happy for words.

It didn’t start that way. I didn’t know or think it would grow into this that quickly, not that we’re in a rush… it simply feels as if we’ve always been here, our entire lives prepared us for the day our destinies would merge.

I am very sleepy, nothing would treat me better than a hot cup of ginger and cinnamon and a good sleep, yet I would stay awake waiting for your late night call because it adds up to my comfort at night. Factually, it doesn’t just add up… it makes it happen.

I don’t remember being this thankful to God in quite a while, and this time I’m not only thankful for directing my heart to yours or for bringing us closer; I am thankful most for all of the unanswered prayers. The prayers I now know I didn’t heartful-ly mean or should have not meant- to say the least. Now that I experience love and happiness in my every waking and sleeping moment, I won’t let go of that, I’ll forever be thankful for that.

I love how the road keeps paving itself with pieces that fall right into place.
You believe in me a lot more than I believe in myself, and for that I love you more by the second. I love how in your eyes I’m complete; you are the only person who managed to make me comfortable in my clumsiness. I love how you make any passing minute special just by being around. I love how you say all the right small things to fill the empty spaces inside of my heart. I love how I came to the realization that I love you. And I love how I know that it is right– All I have to do is look at you while you’re doing anything, I instantly find my face warming up with a smile.

It all happened in an eye blink. And it changed our lives forever. Always.

It gets scary, vague thoughts at the back of my head, how it’s all happening… but every once in a while everyone is entitled a life-time share of perfection. And I’ve found mine in you.

I don’t know what I exactly came here to say, but I came here carrying all the love in the world :)

I love you.


Alhamdulilah :)


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