For the first time in a long time I find it hard not to set expectations. It took me a while to get over the heartbreak failed expectations have caused me, I decided it would be way better if I treat every day as it comes. But very recently, the clock has flipped itself over, and things started to look promising.. and feel lighter. Automatically, I found myself expecting the little things: like a simple thought that draws a smile on my face, random giggles that stick around to brighten the day.. and so it is, again!

And maybe I’m the queen of random, but I’m really enjoying what all of this is bringing into my life that I actually might want it to stay.

I thought I ran out of energy, out of patience and out of capacity to go through what I suddenly found myself willingly pulled into, while the truth has always been: No one was worthy of me digging deeper until then.

But there’s no rush, no rush at all. That, yet I can’t afford.


From a very happy Nesma, have a wonderful night everyone :)


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