178/179/180/181/182– Scribbles while away


– Sometimes we are meant to try so hard for something just to fail miserably at it!
– I never knew that a change of heart would be like this, would be absolute.
– What I really want to say is that I can’t have you decide for me where and why I’ve changed. I’d appreciate if you ask, if you care enough to not judge.
– Success is when people smile at you in recognition and you have the heart to smile back.
– AIESEC has touched my life in places I never thought existed within me.
– That is, because I’ve missed long night talks. I miss how I never knew you before today.
– It’s God’s way of telling us that there is so much better than what you and I thought could never be topped.
– I love how through those I help go on exchange I touch a piece of a land I may never visit.
– Overnight, strangers can turn into family. Yet, over a single conversation, we became timeless friends.
– It’s the warmth our smiles merge to create. Or so I hope.
– I am afraid that through you, because of you and by you, I’d forget every lesson I had to leave a piece of me behind to learn.
– I honestly can’t live for one day without this blog, it’s my ultimate comfort zone.
– I was meant to be the understanding end of the conversation, only there isn’t any voice coming from yours.
– Yes, you make me smile… more than anything managed to do in the past few months. And for that, you’re precious.


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