It is truly wonderful, the power other human beings have on us. How their simple words or actions and even sometimes their existence can touch our lives in ways we never knew possible, most of, because we don’t know those people!

It’s a basic chain reaction; all of it. You think you have the full power to choose the life you want to have for yourself. While it’s almost impossible to have it this way. Other choices will always affect you… Strangers’ choices will always always affect you.

The requisite unintentional butterfly effect, that flip of destiny that shapes the rest of your life, until another flip happens and so it is…

What’s important is: Coming to this very simple realization, you don’t lose hope and you don’t lose ground, you don’t stand behind a disguise and you don’t waste yourself away.

Because in the very same way, your actions are affecting the lives of not only those around you, it’s affecting those you don’t know, the most.

You’re free to choose for yourself… and for others. Trust the ground beneath your feet :)


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