In next to no time…


I never prepared myself for a feeling. I’m a very emotional person, and normally I wear my heart on my sleeve.

But tonight, when it strikes 12 past mid night, I know my heart will experience emotions I never knew were humanly bearable. Tonight, I will want to curl up and I would want the world to leave me alone. Tonight, I will wish for nothing more than to have you back. And tonight, I will choose to not sleep if I can’t find you in my dreams. In spite of all my trials, tonight I will allow myself to break down and feel your pain too.

You’re here, in a way, and I’m thankful for every breath that goes out and comes in. Yet, I can’t help but wonder if it had taken you less time to give us a lot more.

Now every moment that has you in it is sacred.

I was scared, now I am strong. We are all strong.

And we love you.
And we want you back.

Hurry home, as soon as you can, in next to no time. Please.


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