– I’ve watched you being a true friend, son, father to her for the past few years. And although you might not know it, but I’ve been watching over you closely, from distance.
Now that she’s gone, we’ll always wear the pink ribbon for her and all the fighters who lost their battle. Now she’s gone, she’s in a much better place. Now she’s gone, you can rest at night. And now she’s gone, yet nothing will change that you will always be the son of a true fighter, and of that, you should be eternally proud.
She brought peace in her life and after. You get to make the most out of the life she gave to you.

– I can’t afford losing you even in my dream, in my nightmares.

– Stealing a kiss from a sleeping Salma can just fix the rest of my day.

– It’s been months since anyone has heard from you, and today you call me. Out of all people, you choose to call me! Why?

– Funny how the thing I’m concerned most about is how you’re starting to make sense to me. Mysterious sense, that is!

-Sharing a bag of marshmallows with anyone who’s having a bad day is the closest to painting rainbows allover their life.

– I never thought about what you say when I turn my back because I never knew you do.

– She will never want to be your wife, yet she’ll truly enjoy being your unattainable desire. And it will kill me every day to watch you go down that road. Because honestly, I thought you were smarter, way smarter, but I’ve learnt not to blame a heart in love. And guess what, I’m following your trails, but you’re not noticing, and if you do, you will not enjoy it. You’re kind.

– What do we do now?

– Sweet is the moment you think of her; that means you are thinking of each other. She can’t keep you off her mind.


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