It’s exactly like I want to throw you out into traffic, then risk my life to save yours.

I just turn into a complete fool when you smile at me, but I don’t mind being foolish around you. And I’m convinced that I get caught up in you, and that I don’t resist, but I don’t mind getting caught up and I don’t really want to resist.

Yet, today, you proved that for you I’m a change of heart, I am the unexplored zone you’d like to wander around and discover closely. And maybe, in my wishful thinking, I’m a change of heart that will last.

And for all the sane minds out there, I can’t find a way to explain, but who needs to be sane and bored when you can be driven insane and in love. All the pleasure is worth some pain.

Maybe, only maybe, I’ll meet you halfway. And hopefully, maybe, we won’t regret it.


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