157: Mubarak is best at provoking Egyptians, has been by all his foul speeches and actions for the past years.

158: Mubarak is gladly our former president, not that I am by any means gloating; he has been presidnt for thirty years and definitely had done some good for the country, but over the past 3 weeeks, Egyptians have paid sweat and blood for one single drop of victory, lives were lost for an entire nation to live honourably for decades to come inshAllah and battles were fought in the pursuit of freedom. And today, a beautiful reformed Egypt begins.
And though the future ahead seems hazy, and though many scary thoughts can pop into my head as I write this down, I don’t believe that the nation who let it rise on the 25th of January 2011 would let it fall anytinme soon .. or ever.
God bless our Egypt, couldn’t have been more proud to witness this day. Alhamdulilah :)


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