Proud to say "I WAS THERE =)"

So yeah, to start up, I have to set it clear that these two days witnessed the worst internal conflict ever: To go or not to go? Putting in mind that if I ever set a foot in Tahrir square there should be no way on earth that my family finds out. It was really late and I was just done with two very long online meetings, I decided that I can’t take that big of a risk and went to sleep with a mind made up.

I received a call at around 7 am from a person whom I never expected would set a foot there telling me that she was getting ready and wondering if she could see me there.

And that call changed everything, everything. I went back to sleep although I was supposed to meet up with my friend who was taking me to Tahrir at 8.30 to wake up at 9. I contacted everyone on my list, used facebook, twitter and gtalk to find someone who can take me to Tahrir Square.

Two hours later, I was there. Right in the heart of a revolution. And God it was so beautiful, closest to a piece of heaven put on earth. I was taken aback for a while; never expecting to see huge masses of people.

I met a special friend whom I haven’t seen in a very long while.. and while running into this and that, for the rest of the day we stayed together. He’s been to Tahrir before so he showed me around the place, knew the exits and all.

I went, without my family knowing, and I truly am sorry for that, but I had to. I couldn’t resist the urge as an Egyptian young woman. It felt like a call to answer and it had to be today.

What’s really magical about Tahrir Square is that going once means that you’ll always want to go back. It becomes a part of your own because in the air; there’s the hope for getting what’s yours.

Too many faces, too many sizes and too many lost rights; all brought to Tahrir’s Nation.

جمهورية التحرير: تنوعت الوجوه و الوطن واحد


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