Memory Lane


There really is a price for every promise we fail to keep. And we failed to keep our promises for each other. I promised I’d never leave. You promised you will not hurt me. First two promises to to be broken.

This whole week was a walk down memory lane, picking up tiny little pieces of ourselves that we had to leave behind or were dropped unnoticed.

In this past week, some nights you made me smile and let my heart feel light again, others bitter tears streamed silently down my cheeks.

At a moment in time, that hangs there in our past, we stopped creating memories, that was it for us. But we didn’t seem to go over that moment in the past few days. Instead we went over the better times, the laughter and warmth.

And here we are, more than a year after, with a new lesson learnt from the very same page in life: When together, some moments went by uncherished, to be remembered today. When together, we overlooked counting our laughter and gave attention to the darker times, only to realise now that eventually darkness subsides and we should have held onto the different ones. When together, we did not think that heaven was not only a place we go to when we die, it was every moment we felt alive.

This week, it’s been an incredible walk down memroy lane, a walk that let the last residues of anger in a heart filled with pain rise and drop down marking a new trail in our very own lane; this beautiful disaster we created together.

I want us to be remembered for the love we left behind. Sometimes the only way to keep things forever is to leave them alone, so let’s not go down that road again, maybe our feet will guide us there in the future, but for now, let’s hold onto our grounds.

It’s been hard on the two us, I want to remember how hard you made me laugh and cry. And I never want to forget how special and different you are and how you’ve touched my heart in ways I never knew possible. It ended with extreme pain, but we learned that it fades with time. And it did, it is.

Memories were all we had, you took me on a walk and together we turned them into something we were both missing: Love.

This goes to all the hearts out there. For a moment in time, you were genuinely loved more than a human could possibly love another. And this moment, it will always be yours to hold dearly.


2 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. Salma El-Khamy

    The most wonderful, beautiful and unique thing about your writings, Nesma, is that you speak our minds and you talk about each thought that could pass by our brains :) … I just love your blog for how pure and honest it is. And I’m loving and proud that you’re keeping the purity of your writings and that you keep writing whatever that comes on your mind. Please keep on writing and inspiring us.
    Thanking you is never enough, so I won’t thank you :D :):):)

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