Oh Cheese, for many years I feared you. How milk sticks together to form different shades of edible yellow.

After 10 days of my sister’s attempts to introduce me to you, today, I voluntarily opened the fridge, got the boxes out and made myself a rich platter of your many many kinds and colours, and no, I did not count calories. Side dish of cherry tomatoes, crackers, apple slices and greens. I slid a nice movie into the DVD player and with one glass of still lemon soda in hand, a slice of cheddar in the other, I let myself go. I fell for the indulgence you provide.

For a very odd reason, I thought of you as a yellow salty/bitter type of chocolate. Reasons could be:-
– You make me happy.
– You come in different sizes and shapes.
– I can eat you at anytime.
– You make me happy.
– You go as perfectly with crackers as chocolate goes perfectly with strawberries.
– I don’t feel guilty when I eat you.
– You make me happy.

I don’t want to develop a new addiction here, for 19 years I’ve tried my best to stay as distant as possible from you. I only ate you when people found it too weird or were unable to comprehend my cheese-phobia. But, I just found a whole new side to you. A side that I am totally and completely in love with.

And yes, the country is going through a horrible phase and I’m writing about cheese. Sue me.


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