Country is in distress. Severe distress if I might say.

Nothing is certain. Not one Media Source is reliable. It’s a great time of doubt… And like I said before, when in doubt, wait.

It’s in a time like this that I know how much I owe my father; for making me read all of these history books, for investing time and effort in the growth of my heart and intellect, for having long open discussions and teaching me to appreciate differences, and all in all for trying his best to help me become a person who understands.

It’s in a time like this that I find myself eternally grateful to my mother; for never discouraging me from seizing a chance, for always pushing me forwards, for making sure that my passion and commitment to writing grows and stays and for teaching me that love is the only thing that never actually dies. It’s always there– hanging in a moment in time.

So this, this goes to my parents, who taught me a lot without knowing, who helped me become the person that I’ve always wanted to be– without noticing. I owe you two my life.


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