144 to 149– While Disconnected


I honestly can’t find a better picture or “verse” to describe what’s in my head… what’s in my heart.

Since last Thursday Egypt has been cut off internet. And well, regardless of the many many many reasons why we’ve been cut– that I am starting to loathe, I experienced a strange inhumane level of boredom with a curfew that ends at 3 pm and the streets that became a jungle for thieves and power-hungry douche bags… Below, you will find a few of the random scribbles that hit me during the past few days, some that have meaning, some that absolutely don’t… enjoy!

– I never thought I’d see this day… I can’t formulate a feeling yet.
– I’m bored.
– I never thought I’d wake up to gunshots.
– I never thought I’d sleep to gunshots!
– I am bored.
– I like my grandmother, she proves to be the coolest grandmere by the minute!
– I miss my cousins.
– I don’t like you.
– People tend to forget what they initially started to fight for.
– No, we’re not going to go down memory lane. It’s closed. Don’t take advantage of the situation.
– I never knew “men” lived on my street. I wonder why did I get harassed most of the times I went out then…
– My hair is really important to me. Now, that I have the time to take care of it, I found out that I dedicated long hours to its well-being. Point proved Abdelrahman Yousry.
– A revolution lives inside the heart. How you let it show is all craft of the mind.
– JSC: Thank you for scarring the mentalities of millions.
– El-Masreya: Thank you for diminishing the mentalities of millions too.
– Myrna: You could be highly entertaining at times. You’re not that bad of a sister :P
– Paper really proves to be essential; when you run out of it.
– I am a very organized person, yet I’ve never seen my room SO organized.Oh dear boredom.
– I miss my dogs. I was freaked out when I couldn’t call for a day to check on them.
– System Up. Security down. City on lockdown. LMAO.
– Boredom is by far the only thing that beats my creativity. And I’m not being arrogant.
– I received a phone call from London today, apparently there’s a coffee party going on among the PostSecret community. I wish I could find it. I wish it could find me.
– Never had I thought my mum would give a minute to the idea of me leaving to Holland. I am surprised she wants me to go now, the time that I don’t want to leave most.
– Menna Essam: Don’t you dare say you don’t have family in Cairo. You have family in me. Always.
– Dina Ismail: God knows what would have happened if you were not here now. I love you.
– Mona Bassel: I am sorry I have been such a horrible best friend lately. If you will let me, I guess I am ready to explain.
– I am awake at 5 am in case you’d call. I’ve grown familiar to the sound of gunshots. It doesn’t scare me anymore. It’s what it does that terrifies the living hell out of me.
– My french is getting better now that I am spending more time at home.
– Right Place. Right Time. Right Person.
– Those who believe refuse to listen to those who doubt. And those who doubt refuse to listen to those who believe.
– When in doubt, wait. Don’t act. Don’t talk. Don’t move. Doubt subsides. The mess it could cause lingers.
– I never thought I would actually be sick with “worry”. As in physically sick. Never knew it was possible.
– Dear Mum,
I could have had the freaking driver’s license issued out last week.
Sincerely, your license-less bored daughter.
– This is a white patch in the dark nights.
– BAKING LOST ITS MAGIC. Oh the horror.
– These mini tarts restored my faith in baking.
– I think they call it “falling”.
– I found a family in once upon a time strangers :)
– Too much of my family is not healthy. Thank God I have them anyway.
– I am not amused by the fact that there’s a war tank right under my building.
– My family is politically active and it’s not as fun as it used to be. It made me live a restricted life. A restricted good life.
– Waking up to Fareeda’s hug and Salma’s giggles caused a drastic change – to the better in the mood that overshadowed this week.

I will be posting uncategorized posts of long pieces I’ve written shortly inshAllah.

God, I’ve missed this blog so much!


One thought on “144 to 149– While Disconnected

  1. Dina Ismail

    and Nesma Nafea, God knows what would have happened to me if you were not there for the last days…. u were the only one whom i was allowed to freak out odamo considering the fact that my parents were not here :D !!! w bardo considering the fact that our friends 2amameer gedan by7’loona n freak out aktar :D … HAHAHAHAHAHA


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