141– Egypt Speaks (Day 2)


Anger and suppression, despite being negative connotations, today, they proved the greatness of a nation.

For the second day, Egyptians truly prove what they are made of: patience, persistence, strong will, love and beauty. We are a beautiful nation that was blessed with a beautiful country. Along the years, we’ve been denied the right to enjoy this beauty, but the time has come for this to change.

Protestors in Washington D.C

Protestors in Washington D.C

In the very early hours of today I was informed by my friends in London that protests errupted there as well, and slowly things moved to New York and Washington D.C.

BBC News- Egypt protests: Demonstrators ‘face prosecution’

It’s like a war zone out there, but war for freedom is the most noble of all. Prosecution and detaining of more than 500 citizens, random shooting and gas bombs are not going to stop people from claiming what they deserve and the least is not going to bed on an empty stomach.

The government and guard forces were truly taken by surprise, they would have never expected so much energy and anger.

My parents just stormed out of the house, my sister hasn’t been home since 2 pm and we cannot reach her. Prayers needed they all get home safe.

I have more to say, so I’ll come back and update this later.

God bless our country!

Update: Sister is back home alhamdulilah.


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