Today I realized that when I was “in repair” a lot of people condemned the way I was trying to fix me. But at least I had the problem figured out, I wasn’t confused about what to do. I had something that I believed in heart and soul and wanted to go for it despite all the obstacles that faced me. I wanted to find myself, again! After all, it had been too long.

Now things are a lot better, and what used to hurt like the pain is eternal, now only faintly stings from time to time in very special times. Now I know for a fact that in the end of the day no one has the right to condemn how you repair your heart, because no one really knows how much you’re hurting. And only those who understand are those who are true to you.

It was very hard, but I pulled through. You can. You will. It really is just a matter of time. Like a broken heart grows back, the pieces change and adapt to fit again.

A broken heart is not only a result of a failed love story, it could be any battle that left you in ruins.

Now go pick yourself up or help someone do it. And stay beautiful.


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