It takes both rain and sunshine to make a Rainbow

I remember being a huge fan of the rain. I remember my dad and I fighting with my mum to go out and take a walk in the -then- beautiful weather. I remember losing some fights and watching the rain fall down from behind my window and anticipating that rainbow hunt just for the fun it brings.

But that was a year ago, before the sound of rain drops hitting the ground became the most heartbreaking thing after hearing a child cry.

Today, the 14th of January, it was hailing. People were out in their balconies trying to catch rain drops, my sister and cousin went downstairs to dance in the rain in our backyard, and facebook was flooding with statuses about how amazing the rain is. I was in my room, praying.
Praying to keep people I know and love safe, praying to keep everyone on the road from crashing, and pleading to spare hearts out there the kind of pain we have been going through since Julie’s accident.

Twisted irony here is, we really did learn how to hunt for rainbows after the accident, it’s been a year of rainbow hunting. Rainbows varied from: getting closer to God, restoring faith, staying close to each other, learning not to take anything for granted, screaming with happiness when she moves a limb, blinks or smiles and keeping a positive attitude because the worst has already happened, so we only wait for the better to come.
Rainbows this year carried a hell lot of colours. They were all beautiful. So yes, in a very twisted way, I’m grateful for the rain, I’m grateful for all the beauty it brought into our lives.

At the end of the day, I could only compare the beauty of the sun after the rain to the beauty of laughter after grieving. Embrace the rain. Embrace the grief. And you shall enjoy the sun and the laughter.

I remember being a fan of the rain, but now I’m an expert rainbow hunter. And like they say, to enjoy the rainbow, first you have to learn to dance in the rain.

Enjoy the rain Cairo, may you dance smoothly through it and may it bring you the best rainbows you could possibly see :)


7 thoughts on “129

    • not fully yet, but someday I will. Someday I will have to :)
      All there is to know now, that it happened a year ago and since then she’s been in coma then in a vegetative state. You can refer to previous posts to know more, I wrote about it several times!

  1. Salma El-Khamy

    Thank you Nesma, you’re just a sweet inspiring beautiful person. Keep that up.. :):) May all your next life be full of rainbows with no rains at all :):):)
    And may God bless Julie w yeshfeeha inshaa’Allah :):)

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