Every Now and Forever (Part II)


You will love him to extents you never knew could possibly exist.

You will give him everything within your capability, yet he just won’t notice.

And it’s hard, it’s very hard to trust someone enough to start giving them anything. It is even harder to trust your ability to give, but he showed you this part about yourself.

Truth is he will never compare you to his dream girl; that’s if he has one. And if he doesn’t, he’ll never know it’s you.
And even after you’re gone; you wouldn’t want to know if he realized it was you. Because you’ll always blame him, always always hold a heavy heart when it comes to him. Because if he realizes it was you, you’ll throw at him all the times you were loved, but couldn’t love back because of what he did to you, as a result to the state you were left in.
What he did to you, unwillingly, unknowingly, and blindly.
And you’ll fail to call it an honest mistake, because it ended up scarring you for life.

But you really loved him, didn’t you?


To be continued…


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