Every Now and Forever (Part I)


The worst thing that could happen to anyone when it comes to love is to get trapped into the “unrequited love” zone. You experience losing someone you really care about every single day; at every thought, sight, memory of them.

You think you’ve moved on. You think you will stay completely composed next time you see them. And you admit for a fact that it’s a hopeless love scenario that will not go anywhere. But all it takes, is for them to foolishly giggle or look your way, and you are back there, for days, convincing yourself that they might actually love you back.

All they ever experienced/want to experience of you, is just one side: The Friend.

You think you know them enough to know they won’t love you back, putting an end to all sparks of hope that may arise within you. But late at night, your last thoughts are of them; about what they think of you, or if they do at all.

To be continued…


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