Good morning Cairo,

One thing that always makes me happy is that I don’t have draft posts. I publish everything I write.
Well, that was the case until last week; draft posts just started to pile up.

And it’s not that I’m shy or that I have anything to hide. If you’re a constant reader of my blog you’d understand that I have my feelings on the line all the time, that I lay just about everything out. But I don’t know what got to me recently, it’s like I’m scared. I’m scared that I would be judged, that I would be misunderstood. But to hell with that too, I did not use to care, writing is all about interpretations after all.
I am extremely uncomfortable with the amount of unpublished posts I have right now, I am not used to this. I want to share so badly, but I don’t know how to. It’s like I lost the ability.

But on second thought, I just kind of did. I need the strength to just let my own outside again. I need energy.

I guess I’m just tired. Very tired.

Have a wonderful day everyone, don’t stop shining :)


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