Never is the grandest promise you can ever give.

Never leaving, never forgetting, never forgiving, never giving a piece of your soul, never falling in love… promises that rarely ever get fulfilled.
As days go by, you leave what’s meant to be put behind, you forget about things because it’s only human to do so, and even though it takes practice you learn to forgive what ached your heart the most, you give a piece of your soul to someone who captures it but was never in plan and you fall in love all over again with a person you did not see coming.

You spend your life giving out promises, don’t let one be a never, for the book says: Never is a promise, and you can’t afford to lie.

** Count off the “never-s” on this year’s resolution… Give it enough thought and it will have a better wording, a more hopeful one :)

Happy New Year Everyone :)


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