Some people spend their whole lives looking for someone to love, someone to care for, not because they want to fulfill the need of “having a person” but because they want to do it for someone else. They want to go that extra mile and offer what they’ve been gifted with. Some people are just naturally selfless.

Some people dance to the song of heartbreak and hope. They offer all they’ve got to those who won’t notice. They just spend their entire life wondering if someone is thinking about them, too!

Some other people choose to be distant. They make the decision to be alone and think that it’s all for the better, because they can’t afford causing pain for someone else; while in a way they are… in a very twisted way they’re selfless too.

While some are just born to receive. It’s not that they’re unable to give, they’re just not willing to. Some of them are scared it’s going to consume them or is never going to be enough for someone else, so they just don’t do it at all.

These, these are just a few types of people I got to think about today. They’re all worthy of love for who they are. People come in our lives for a reason, for a few days or a lifetime. Embrace all equally. You deserve this much from yourself.

Merry Christmas everyone :)


One thought on “108

  1. =) U know even though we’ve been team mates for a year or so, I never really came across something you wrote.. And i’m amazed i am getting to know u distantly after 4 years of TS-mag!
    I luved, this sentimental yet thoughtful sweet post!

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