Today I was at a family gathering, the week has been very hectic and nothing but meeting with family members that I haven’t seen in a LONG while could have been a better treat.

I am a family person, I love and appreciate every single member in this family so much that I fail to imagine my life without them. From grandparents to newborns, every person is special in this family I’m blessed to call my own.

My mother’s aunt who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s was there today. It broke my heart to watch her fading away to such a tragically incurable disease. That green-eyed beauty was now confusing her only child to her other nephews, nevertheless, listening to her talking about when she was 16, praying to God that I become a great engineer (although I study pharmacy) and asking me about my fiancee (who still does not exist) did nothing but bring a warm smile to my face. It all felt so innocent and her every word was so heartfelt, like she was a newborn only in reverse. Yet how her entire life is fading into nonrecognition is so painful on all of us, but she’s happy. She lost her husband in a car accident when she was 26 and her son was only 4 months old. She doesn’t remember that anymore and she waits for him everyday. I like to believe that she meets him in her dreams, only inside her head, where no one will pity her or tell her that he’s not coming. In her head, he’s there, always.

I guess that’s how it is with Alzheimer’s; pieces of your mind die one after the other, but your heart remains whole. Your heart and those who found their way into it shall forever stay. Images will be blur and scents will be faded, but that feeling… that warmth remains intact, unmoved.

I hope she finds her way to him before she realizes… I’ll miss her.


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