100– Project Halawa


Before I start today’s post, please follow this link and read this entry :)

On the 14th of August 2010, Khaled Halawa told me that I need to be “happy”. A word that lost it’s meaning along many hardships I’ve faced this year. I knew how to have fun, I knew how to enjoy my time and I learnt how to cope with all surroundings despite the discomfort. But Halawa came along and simply changed all that, he taught me with very simple language and day to day actions that happiness could exist in saying “Hi!” to objects, baking for random people and most importantly finding the Nesma I’ve lost and learning to love her all over again. I found myself smiling uncontrollably when remembering saying “Hi” to a flagpole at university and my friends looking at me in utter disbelief and shock just because Halawa was passing by and asked me to do it!

Halawa, you’ve been one of the most helpful people I’ve ever met, and although I haven’t known you for that long, your touch in my life is very tangible and in no way could be denied. I could keep on writing very long pages, but I’d rather keep it short and simple.

I started 365 to track myself, to reach that self-realization point that you showed me could guide me to happiness. This is the 100th post, this is to honour what you’ve been to me lately and to thank you for making me a happier person :)

Khaled Halawa, this is the start of “Project Halawa”, the project I’ve promised you and you’ve been waiting for ;P
The change you initiated will not stop here. I love you ♥


Menna Essam says: go make me a sandwich :P and thank you for everything ♥

Nadine Hodieb says: I LOVE YOU HALAWAAAAAA ♥



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