Ahmed’s Bedtime Story


This one goes for you Ahmed Bially. For all the great things you’ve been to me :)

In a land where only the brave kids lived there was a fairy and she dressed all in green.. she’d sprinkle glitter and magic dust that would make you smile in your sleep. One day that fairy got kidnapped by a very evil man called Sid. Sid wanted all the children around the world to have nightmares and wake up crying, because Sid was an evil evil man.

The beautiful fairy, her name was Belle, knew that Sid was after her because she was happiest fairy of all. So she left a little note under the pillow of a very bright kid named Ahmed Bially, she knew that through oceans and storms, Ahmed would come and save her from evil Sid.

The note read; “Dearest of all, Sid wants to do me harm, but I know you’re the bravest, that’s why I asked you to do this.. he has a dark castle at the highest of mountains.. You have to climb clouds to reach us there.. but I know you’d do it. I trust you. You’re happiness’s last hope”

Ahmed pulled out his wooden sword and went on his great quest of bringing back belle.. many nights looking for the gate to the sky, travelling through forests and wide rivers.. Ahmed showed bravery no kid his age would ever have.
One very dark night, Ahmed found the gate to the sky, but he had to mention the magical word so that the gate fairy would let him pass.. he kept thinking and thinking, what could that be.. and there he found it, the reason he wanted to save belle; happiness!!

Gate has opened and Ahmed was there all by himself climbing clouds, looking for sid’s castle.. On the contrary to what he thought, it got darker as he climbed up, but he was strong and brave.. darkness did not bother him at all. From afar, he could see lights twinkling form what looked like a very dark evil place.. and he knew that would be Sid’s castle. he walked closer and closer.. the lights twinkling were belle’s wings. Sid had held her prisoner inside a cage. Ahmed climbed into the room belle was held in through the window, only to find another obstacle; he doesn’t know where the key to the cage is. belle whispered to him that it’s inside the pocket of the sleeping guard who was sitting on a chair in one corner of the room. Ahmed tip-toed and gentley slipped his hands into the guard’s chest pocket, pulled out the keys, and just as he was about to turn around to free belle, he felt a grip on his shoulder… Sid was there.

He was very scary and smelly. He never washed his face or brushed his teeth like good kids should do, so he grew up into that odd ugly figure. Fear was about to cripple over Ahmed’s heart, but he remembered belle’s note; he was the bravest, she trusted him…

Ahmed smiled at sid.. it’s been long since Sid had anyone smile at him. Though the last bits of love in Sid’s heart had grown very weak, but they were still there, after all, everyone carries a good person inside of them no matter how small it could get.

So after Ahmed smiled at Sid, Sid got affected by that smile.. Ahmed asked him to let Belle out, and try and let her sprinkle some of her magic dust on him.. Sid hypnotized by the smile does that.. And it works, Sid for the first time in long decades smiled.

And suddenly everything goes brighter from the skies to the darkest corners of the castles. Sid apologized to Belle for never knowing how powerful happiness could be , offers Ahmed a ride home on his flying horse because his parents could be worried, Belle thanked Ahmed for showing the bravery she’d expected..

Ahmed grew up in the land of the brave, Belle kept on spreading happiness and Sid turned his castle into a fun house for kids from all over to play, have fun and most importantly, smile.

And they all live happily ever after =]


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